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3 boxes Body Language GOLD Slimming Coffee 10g x 12 bags


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7 Days Brazilian Slimming Coffee
10g x 12 bags / box

This product has been made of Brazil virgin forest black coffee,
and pure natural plant “garcinia cambogia (HCA)” and through scientific processing refining.
It is a natural, healthy, safety, free from side effect reducing fat slimming product.

Function characteristics:

1. Directly drink it, directly absorb, rapid reducing fat, good result.
2. Effectively reduce fat on waist, buttocks, and neck.
3. No need to diet, no diarrhea, no dehydration, with safety and no side effects.
4. Rapid reducing fat, reduce fat 5-10 kilo one month. Is the fastest beautifying and slimming product that is suitable for taking it to maintain the weight for a long time, and prevent weight rebound at present. It has magic effect, drinking it for 10 days can make your figure perfect slender.

Main ingredients:

= Brazil virgin forest black coffee
= garcinia cambogia (HCA)
= multi-vitamins
= multi-amino acids

10g/bag X  bags
One bag once a day, 30 mins before breakfast with empty stomach, drink more water boiled water after drinking it.
Shelf life:
24 months
Storage method:
Air-proof, store at the cool and dry place.
Brazil Weido Erkang Biopharmaceutical Group Company

Drinking Body Language Slimming Coffee can bring you different feeling:

          1.  In the first day drinking it, you will feel the abdomen rapidly heat.
          2.  In the evening on the day: You will feel two side of the abdomen slightly trembling
               as if there is something massaging the abdomen.
          3.  In the next morning: You will hurry to the bathroom, discharge the waters produced
               by the lipoclasis in the whole day yesterday. You will feel so  comfortable and absolutely
               as light as a swallow. In the third day: The fat in the intestine and the blood vessel have
               begun to discharge, that the three different losing weight methods have begun completely
               effecting the body.
          4.  In the fifth day: Sitting in the front of the mirror, you will be surprised to find that your
               face is rose red, fair that is really a unexpected surprise.
          5.  In the sixth day: You will be more surprised. You will feel the whole body as if there is a
               strong gas rising in the body, the lipoclasis is rapidly operating. You can use the tape
               measure to measure your waistline. Your waistline is reduced 2 to 5 centimeters; the
               weight is lost 1 to 3 kilograms.
          6.  In the tenth day: Your weight is lost 2.5 to 5 kilograms. Now you can wear the beautiful the
               latest fashion clothes that you never thought that you could wear them before. You can
               comfortably to shopping, then you do not need to care about the unusual eyes of the people
               looking to you now have changed to be admiration, you will get more confidence now.

Main characteristics:

          1.  Safe and rapid losing weight, it can reduce 5 to 10 kilograms in a month.
          2.  Comply with losing weight five standards proposed by WHO (World Health Organization),
               it is no anorexia, no rebound, is safe and free from side effects to take it.
          3.  While losing weight, it has detoxifying, beautifying, whitening effects.
          4.  Targeted losing weight, specially reduce fat on waist, abdomen, thigh, superfluous fat.
          5.  Prevent constipation, remove the body toxin, and increase the body immunity function


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