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18 boxes DK Heart-Comfort x 60 capsules


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x 60 capsules

Cardiac Arrhythmia is common in various kinds of heart disease patients, a few healthy people without organic heart disease sometimes also report such condition. In clinical events, it takes on such symptoms as abrupt spasm of regular or irregular heart-throb, chest-pain, dizziness, indisposition in front heart, suffocating feeling, quick breath, cold hands and feet, black-out even unconsciousness. A few patients may exhibit no symptom except variance of cardiogram. In case the above symptom arise, you should suspect if you have developed cardiac arrhythmia and should visit the cardiovascular section lest delaying your disease state.

Product Introduction:

1. “Heart-Comfort capsule” chooses aweto as its raw material, by virtue of biological science and by way of separating technique we got the purified cephalont of the aweto and used it for our product. Toxicity test demonstrates that “Heart-Comfort capsule” is a kind of pure Chinese medicine without toxic and adverse effect, low dosage can bring out distinct effect.

2. Modern pharmacological test demonstrates that “Heart-Comfort capsule” consists of 19 kinds of amino acids, 10 kind of microelement, D-mannite and ergosterin, etc. so it boasts multiple pharmacological effects. It is mainly used for cardiac arrhythmia caused by all kinds of reasons, especially for chronic arrhythmia, it can: quicken the conductivity of the atria and ventricle, regulate the sinus rhythm, inhibit the heterotopic pacing rhythm of the hearth, improve the heart function, so it is a good medicine for cardiovascular disease.

3. The components of “Heart-Comfort capsule” have many pharmacological effects:

Aweto Polyhexose: It can accelerate the releasing rate of the colloid particles in the blood, boost the activity of the macrophage in the liver and spleen, and increase the lgG level to improve the immunity of human body, resist the cancer cells.

Essence of Aweto: It can prolong the survival period of the Ehriich as cites cancer patients and inhibit the KB cells of the epipharynx cancer, further, it can inhibit the bird-shaped mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Thick protein: It can regulate physiological function and maintain health.

19 kinds of amino acids: They can help to cure digesting system disease, inhibit disease-causal bacteria and enhanced immunity.

Trace elements: they can balance the electrolyte level and infiltrate into the inner part of the cancer cells, bring the effect of other elements into full play and fight back the cancer cells.

Aliphatic Acid: It can boost the metabolism and reduce the cholesterol level in the blood, used for prevention of atherogenesis.

Phytosterols: They can transform into vitamin D and enhance the resistance of anti-virus and anti-cold. Further, they can prevent rachitis, myringitis, dermatitis.

Vitamin A, B12, C: They can prevent megaloblastic anemia and nyctalopia, further, they can promote the composition of collagen.

[Indication]: Benefiting vital energy and nourishing Yin, Palpitation-calming and Venation-rehabilitating, Activating blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis. Mainly used for such diseases caused by deficiency of both vital energy and Yin and Heart-venation block as : uneasy heart-throb, short breath and tiredness, dizziness and pain in the chest, nervous prostration. Most patients felt better after taking the medicine for their breathlessness and heart-throb, their sleep, appetite, motility were improved. The product has the effect of boosting sinus rhythm of the heart, ameliorating atrionector and the conductivity of atria and ventricle and of the heart function. It can be used for various arrthythmia, block of atria and ventricle, chronic arrthythmia and block of conductivity. “Heart-Confirt capsule” is pure TCM medicine, with confirmed effect at low dose, no toxic and side effect. All these advantages make SHA an optimal medicine in treating cardiovascular diseases.

[Main Composition]: Aweto (pure hypha entity)

[Dose and Dosage]: 1 capsule each time, 3 times daily

[Specification]: 0.25g x 60 capsules

[Storage]: Sealed, kept in cool and dry place



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