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10 boxes DK Compound Blister Beetle 0.25g x 50 capsules / bottle


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Anti cancer Herb Medicine

0.25g x 50 capsules

Clinical Application

Tumor is caused by interaction of stagnated blood and toxin-devil, Statistic data shows tumor has become No. 1 “killer” of human being. DK Compound Blister Beetle is pure natural anticancer traditional Chinese medicine (TCD), developed through high-tech borderline extraction and high molecular blasting, with high absorptivity and availability rate and no side and toxic effects. It can directly act on the lesion, kill cancer cells and exert treatment effect in short time.

DK Compound Blister Beetle is wide-spectrum anticancer drug and has broad effect on various tumors. It can improve both immunity, activate anti-cancer genes and kill directly cancer cells, prevent recurrence and metastasis of cancer. Combined with chemical and radioactive therapies in clinical treatment of various malignant tumors, DK Compound Blister Beetle not only decreases damages of human body caused by chemical and radioactive therapies, but also enhance the therapeutic effect. Thousands of clinical cases have proved that DK Compound Blister Beetle has successfully relieved the sufferings of extensive cancer patients, improve life quality, prolonged life span and been granted satisfaction of extensive doctors and patients.

Pharmacological Effects

1. Direct Kill cancer cells – Cantharidin (S-CSF), the main active ingredient contained in DK Compound Blister Beetle can reach lesion in short time, induce periodical stop of cancer cells, inhibit DNA and RNA synthesis and actively kills cancer cells, exerting strong inhibiting or killing effect on Hela cells, esophageal cancer cells, gastric cancer cells, liver cancer cells, lung cancer cells, breast cancer cells and intestinal cancer cells with apparent dose-effective relationship.

2. Initiate anti-cancer genes – Dk Compound Blister Beetle can activate effect cells and cellular factors in human body, initiate anti-cancer genes, enhance tumor-killing ability of human body, inhibit tumor growth and proliferation and protect normal cells from damage.

3. Inhibit tumor exacerbation and metastasis and prevent recurrence – At the same time of killing cancer cells and inhibiting tumor growth, Dk Compound Blister Beetle also can replenish insufficiency of healthy energy, regulate Ying-yang visceral balance, retrieve the function of damaged body, decrease tumor exacerbation and metastasis, precipitate differentiation and maturity of tumor cells and transform backwards to normal cells.

4. Inhibit tumor angiogenesis and induce tumor cellular apoptosis – Dk Compound Blister Beetle can deprive most tumors angiogenesis ability through blocking VEGF and MMPs, two main substances in new vessels formation,affect nutrition supply necessary for tumor growth and lead to tumor cell death.

5. Decrease toxic and side effect of chemical drugs in combined theraphy – Dk Compound Blister Beetle can effectively decrease damage to hematopoietic system caused by chemical and radioactive therapies, stimulate hematopoietic system in bone marrow (BM), precipitate genesis of white blood cells, improve anti-cancer sensitivity of chemical therapeutic drugs, repair injured body cells and work against BM inhibition caused by chemical and radioactive theraphy. In combined theraphy, it can significantly improve anti-cancer effects, increase survival rate and decrease toxic and side effects of chemical drugs.

6. Enhance immunity and improve inhibitory function of human body on tumor cells – Panaxoside, Astragalan, and Manyprickle Acemthopanax Root Polycose can enhance activity of macrophage cells, LAK cells and NK cells induce release of interferon, interleukin-2 and tumor necrosis factor, promote activation of immunity cells, release endogenous cellular factors and improve anti-cancer ability of human body.

Anticancer Charactristics

• Direct killing tumor calls.

• Work against tumor invasion, metastasis, prevent recurrence and early stage diffusion.

• Enhance effect and decrease toxicity especially for BM protection in combined theraphy with chemical and radioactive theraphies.

• Consolidate therapeutic effect in patients after operation, radioactive and chemical therapies.

• Enhance immunity function of human body, significantly improve clinical symptoms of tumor patients and their life quality.

• Increase white blood cells.

• Braod spectrum anticancer drug.

Application Population

1. Early stage tumor patients – Administration of DK Compound Blister Beetle can not only effectively inhibit cancer cell growth, rapidly kill and decrease cancel cells, but also relieve the damage and side effects caused by operation and radioactive and chemical therapies.

2. Pre and post patients – Administration of DK Compound Blister Beetle can effectively inhibit tumor growth, metastasis and diffusion and significantly increase the possibility of successful operation. In post-operation patients, it can further eliminate cancer cells remained in human body, improve immunity ability, retrieve vigour, effectively prevent post-operation recurrence and accelerate patient recovery.

3. Patients undergoing radioactive and chemical therapies – Administration of DK Compound Blister Beetle can not only eliminate various toxic and side effects caused by radioactive and chemical therapies, but also stimulate hematopoietic function of BM, increase quantity of white blood cells, platelets and red blood cells, prevent tissue necrosis and accompany infection caused by radioactive and chemical therapies. At the same time, it can enhance the effect of radioactive and chemical drugs, significantly increase the killing and injuring rate of cancer cells control metastasis outside radioactive therapy area, rapidly retrieve vigour damaged in chemical therapy, alleviate side effect of next treatment period, initiate anticancer genes. In survival cancer-cells, it can inhibit and block the nutrition vessels and lead to automatic death.

4. Patients with post-operation recurrence, unsatisfactory radioactive and chemical therapeutic effects and various cancer patients unsuitable for radioactive and chemical therapies – Administration of DK Compound Blister Beetle can inhibit synthesis and growth of tumor cells through blocking DNA and RNA synthesis at molecular level and rebuilding immune system in human body. It can make up the insufficiency of radioactive and chemical therapy, continue killing effect in area insensitive to radioactive therapy, decrease or eliminate the lesion and consolidate therapeutic effect in patients with tumor completely disappeared.

5. Patients in convalescence stage – Administion of DK Compound Blister Beetle can not only rapidly eliminate cancer cells remained in human body, prevent reccurence, but also significantly increase anticancer immune monitoring function of human body, improve life quality and facilitate early recovery.

6. Late-stage cancer patients missing the opportunity of radioactive and chemical therapies – In cancer patients missed the opportunity of various radioactive and chemical therapies, single administration also has relatively good effect, effectively stopping diffusion, metastasis of cancer cells alleviating pain, improving life quality and prolonging life span.

Ingredients: Blister beetle, Ginseng, Milkvetch root, Manyprickle Acanthopanax root, rhizome, Barbated skullcup herb, Zedoray rhizome, Asiatic comlian, Glossy privet fruit, bear gall powder and Radix

Effect and Function: Dissipating blood stasis and counteract toxic phagedena

Used in primary liver cancer, lung cancer, rectum cancer, rectum cancer, malignant lymphoma, esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, carcinoma of gastric cardia, pancreatic cancer, prostatic carcinoma, urine bladder carcinoma, thyroid gland carcinoma, skin cancer, melanoma, breast cancer, naspharyngeal carcinoma and cervix cancer, ovary cancer and leucocytopenia. Also used in hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and HBV-carrier.

Dosage: For oral use, twice daily, three capsules one time. Take after meal, 40 days for one treatment course.

Side Effect: Occassional digestive discomfort.

Specification: 0.25g x 50 capsules / bottle

Storage: Keep Sealed



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