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DERMA Underarm Whitening / Peeling Set (Normal Skin)


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DERMA Underarm Whitening / Peeling Set
for Normal Skin

Used by Famous Filipino Celebrities and endorsed by TOP Dermatological Clinics in the Philippines.

The DERMA Underarms whitening and peeling set gently peels the dark underarm’s skin to reveal the whiter skin underneath... It eliminates the time we have to consume and effort we have to do to bleaching the dark outer layer skin. The product peels the dark skin, for a new lighter skin underneath to reveal and develop a new skin that is lighter.

Set Includes:

  • Green Peeling Oil 20ml
  • Hydrocort Cream 10g
  • Bleaching Cream 25g
  • Alum Deodorant with Melawhite Roll-On 60ml
  • Instructions

Aluminum Chloride with Melawhite Deodorant Roll-On helps control excessive perspiration and lighten underarm skin caused by excessive plucking and improper shaving. This liquid based solution is applied directly to your underarm. Continue using Aluminum Chloride after peeling for whiter, softer and smoother underarms. Aluminum Chloride is the active ingredients in most anti-perspirant/deorants.

Hydrocort Cream is a topical steroid that reduces skin inflammation/irritaion. Use twice daily on affected red, itchy and flacky area during peeling.

Green Peeling Oil is mild and easy to use. Like any Home Peel Kits, this solution is safe to be used without the supervision of a doctor. It peels off the superficial dermis to reveal the newer, whiter and softer skin of the underarm. As an added bonus, the Green Peeling Oil is also gentle to peel the face, elbows, knees etc. Repeat underarm peeling 2-3 months after treatment.

Bleaching Cream lightens the peeled skin further. Also fades unwanted pigmentation in the skin caused by the increase and decrease of melanin, changes in hormone levels and damage caused by the sun’s rays. Best if used with Aluminum Chloride with Melawhite Deodorant Roll-On for the underarms.